Smart Buildings – Are they the next cybersecurity risk? presented at DataConnectorsToronto 2019

by Tony Anscombe,

Summary : Could a cybercriminal hold a building heating system hostage and force an evacuation of the entire buildings occupants? Smart-building technology brings many benefits to overall building operations and is being transformed as lower cost devices cut down the expense of automating and connecting the very fabric of the building. The expense is also offset through energy and efficiency costs, but is it increasing risk and is it secure by design? The possibilities for a cybercriminal to launch a ransomware type of attack on a building are fast becoming a reality. In this presentation, Tony will discuss what smart building technology means, how it can benefit an organization, explore the current landscape and the possible threats and outcomes of a cyberattack on building infrastructure. And most importantly discuss some of the considerations needed to avoid the risk and how best to mitigate potential attacks.