The Risky Business of Online Collaboration presented at DataConnectorsToronto 2019

by Craig Pfister,

Summary : Protecting Sensitive Content in a Dangerously Connected WorldThe modern enterprise spends millions of dollars on cyber security, yet the modern CISO can’t say in any specific detail what IP, PII, PHI and other sensitive information is entering and leaving the firm at any given time.Doctors and patients exchange health records onlineLaw firms share case information with clientsInsurance companies provide claim details to agents and policy holdersGovernment agencies and contractors share RFPs, contracts and plansR&D organizations send sensitive IP to foreign manufacturersIf you can’t see it, you can’t protect it. It only takes one leaked client folder to destroy an organization’s reputation or one malicious email attachment to destroy a network. Protecting IP, PII, and other sensitive enterprise data against the overwhelming need to share it with outside parties is a challenge every CISO faces.Craig Pfister explores the current threat landscape of online collaboration and concrete solutions to protect your organization:Get total visibility to all IP, PII, and other sensitive content entering and leaving the organizationKnow and show where sensitive data is located to demonstrate regulatory complianceSpot anomalies in everyday workflows to eliminate potential threatsUse AI-based dynamic governance to prevent breaches and attacks in real-timeTo succeed in today’s hyper-connected world, CISOs must enable easy online collaboration across the extended enterprise. CISOs meet this challenge with complete visibility and control of all sensitive data.