Imperial Stout: Building Bolder BurpSuite Functionality through Extensions presented at BSidesOklahoma 2019

by Jason Gillam,

Summary : I have been building tools and extensions to support penetration testing tasks for many years, and am most known for my work on Burp CO2 and Paramalyzer. This talk is meant to pass on knowledge of how to make use of extensions and also set the foundation for building them. Through a series of demonstrations I intend to show some of my current work as well as that of other extension developers. All of the extensions demonstrated during this talk are open source projects, and I hope to inspire more open source contributions to information security tool projects. For this talk my demonstrations will be specific to Burp Suite, the proxy tool familiar to web application penetration testers, but they will be applicable in other contexts.This is a technical talk and is most appropriate for anyone who is at least dabbling in software development or who is familiar with web application penetration testing.