I Sold Out, You Should Too! Why I left Ops for Sales Engineering and Never Looked Back! presented at BSidesNashville 2019

by Karlo Arozqueta,

Summary : You started in entry level positions, paid your dues, maybe you worked in a 24/7 Operations center on the Blue team side or worked your way into an elite Red team. either way, congrats! You are now a skilled IT Security Veteran! Folks come to you to solve the problems no one else knows how to solve, and you are finally going to be rewarded for all you hard work by being promoted to.... MANAGEMENT! WOO!! Let's face it, most of us didn't spend our whole lives behind a keyboard, watching progress bars move to 99% and then sit there for an hour until it hit 100% to give it all up in exchange for managing people's vacation and thinking about their feelings. But there IS another way. You could choose to give up all that and move into a brave new world, one where the cake IS NOT a lie! You could sell your soul and go work in Sales as a Sales Engineer. Interested? Then this talk is for you! Come hear how the presenter took a leap of faith after SEVEN years in a 24/7 SOC as an Incident Responder and made the move to being a Sales Engineer. Now 4 years into it and it still has been the best frickin' job EVER! You'll hear why he did it, what questions to ask during the interview, what some of the jargon means, how to spot a good role from a bad one and why it could be the job that saves your life, marriage, and friendships (but I don't want to oversell it).