Getting Started with Android Malware Analysis presented at BSidesNashville 2019

by Keheira Henderson,

Summary : The Android operating system has been around since 2008 and has also been open source from the beginning. Leaving things open source allows for a lot of apps to slide thru the cracks when it comes to security. At one point a flashlight app made the news for stealing user information when all it was suppose to do is turn on the camera light. This small incident has sparked tools that allow one to get into android malware analysis.To my knowledge there is not a set tool that developers can use to make sure that their application can't be exploited. I spent years studying and building malware and now would like to help others to get into the malware analysis side in hopes that a general tool can be made for check applications before being published for consumer use. I'll take you thru setting up your environment and analyzing a controlled application apk. At the end of the talk you should leave excited to look more into Android malware analysis and the Android system as a whole.