PANEL 1: Insider Threat - What the CISO and Every IT Security Management Team Must Face & Govern 24/7 presented at CyberSecuritySummit 2019

by Brandon Meyer, Nick Carstensen, Isaac O’connell, Adam Pasieka, Archana Ragothaman, Jeff Roy,

Summary : Today 86% of organizations are in the process of building or already have an existing system in place to prevent/defend against insider attacks; if this statistic proves anything it is that more and more business are coming to terms with the hostilities of our world. Expected or unexpected, an employee with access to company-wide systems, no matter their intentions is a great threat to any organization. An employee with malicious intentions is dangerous, but according to a recent IBM survey, 95% of all breaches involved someone making a mistake. The Insider Threat panel at the Cyber Security Summit will show you how your organization is at risk, as well as showing you innovative & necessary steps to take in order to prevent attacks and increasing your defense systems.