Darktrace Discussion: When Machines Fight Machines - Cyber Battles & the New Frontier of Artificial Intelligence presented at CyberSecuritySummit 2019

by Justin Fier,

Summary : In a world that is increasingly digital, cyber-attack has become the most significant risk confronting today’s businesses, smart cities, and critical infrastructure. Online crime cost the world more than half a trillion dollars last year, while recent attacks have managed to influence the U.S. presidential election and disrupt the Ukrainian power supply. This troubling state of affairs is the product of several fundamental weaknesses with the traditional approach to cyber defense, which relies on predefining what threats look like at a time when criminals launch never-before-seen attacks on a daily basis. Moreover, these attacks increasingly strike at machine-speed, preventing security professionals from responding before their damage is done.As a fundamentally unique approach to security, cyber AI systems need not predict tomorrow’s attacks based on yesterday’s threats. Powered by recent advances in artificial intelligence, the latest cyber AI security systems instead continuously refine their defenses by learning ‘on the job’ to differentiate between normal and abnormal behaviour in an enterprise, enabling them to flag even subtly malicious activity. Thus, whereas traditional cyber security technologies are blind to unknown threats, self-learning cyber AI systems detect such novel attacks by spontaneously drawing connections that human programmers can’t see. And as ready-to-deploy exploit kits and advanced malware packages spawn new cyber-threats around the world, the challenge of securing the digital realm can only be met with AI security systems that can learn, evolve, and fight back.In this session, you will learn:Where cyber-criminals have found weaknesses in legacy approaches to securityWhy only self-learning security tools can stop never-before-seen attacksHow to protect your network from machine-speed attacks with Darktrace AntigenaWhat gaining 100% network visibility of your entire digital estate — including cloud environments and IoT devices — can reveal about the latent vulnerabilities that advanced attackers are targeting today