Pulse Secure Presentation: Secure Access for Hybrid IT; Ergo Zero Trust and Software Defined Perimeter presented at CyberSecuritySummit 2019

by Scott Gordon,

Summary : Any means access to enterprise apps and resources is the new normal, as is news on advanced threats and massive data breaches. While perimeter controls are not going away, the mantra of Zero Trust dictates a verify before trust approach to safeguard access. As companies continue to migrate to the cloud, organizations are considering per-application access using a software defined perimeter (SDP) architecture. SDP offers simple and secure endpoint to application authentication with stateful access compliance. While the death of firewalls and VPNs has been grossly exaggerated, how, when and where should organizations take advantage of this extended mode of secure access?This session will explore:Hybrid IT trends ushering new Secure Access challengesKey tenets of Zero Trust applied to Secure AccessSDP capabilities, use cases and considerationsReference architecture for dual-mode VPN and SDP