PANEL 2: Cloud INsecurity - Common Pitfalls that Organizations Make when Moving to the Cloud and How to Avoid Them presented at CyberSecuritySummit 2019

by David Cass, Ryan Spelman, Troy Dearing, Eric Lorson, Daniel Reardon,

Summary : For many organizations they are looking at over half of their IT spending being related to cloud, whether infrastructure, services or other tools in the near future. As a CISO, this movement to the cloud can fill you with dread. Furthermore, one of the risks corporate boards understand best is third party risk, and now your entire network is in someone else’s hands. This transition is the subject of a lot of concern and a lot of mixed signals. It doesn’t have to be that way though, especially as moving to the cloud can be a security improvement, if managed appropriately. This panel will talk about the security issues CISO’s and IT leaders need to be aware of as they move further and further over to the cloud, what best practices and services they should consider or utilize, and how they can fully leverage the cloud resources to bring their organization to the next level of security.