How Regulations Can Enforce Cybercrime Combat presented at CyberSecuritySummitChile 2019

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Summary : Internet is the biggest public avenue of the world with all people, assets and data flowing over its digital roads but no effective police to guard the users from cyber criminals' attacks. What is the reason? There is no jurisdiction defined to their actuation. Actually, the increase of privacy rules can somehow difficult the work of the investigation to catch these criminals. Considering that Internet is a private owned marketplace by companies that should be more committed to clients' safety, how new regulations could better enforce the combat of cyber crime on the web? How establish a balance between citizens safety that demands monitoring surveillance in a preventions manner and privacy protection? What should be the road map and the action plan to fight back these attacks? Should antivirus and antispyware become an manufacture obligation when developing IoT devices for instance? Who should pay the price for cyber security? And what should be done with this new kind of criminal much more sophisticated? Do we need new laws? New types of jails? New tools and training to the police and the judges? But one thing is for sure, we are losing this new cyber war. And we need to invest much more in educational campaigns to protect the population against this social-digital threat.