Blockchain: Building Better Business Models Securely presented at ISC2SecureSummit 2019

by G. Mark Hardy,

Summary : This presentation will examine the threat landscape, and evaluate how well we are doing at fighting back. It will examine resources, strategies, and constraints as applied to cyber war, and look at proposed legislative changes and whether or not they will make much of a difference. The answer lies in going back to basics -- understanding the importance of confidentiality, integrity, and availability (the "C-I-A Triad"), and how to achieve those goals using traditional and non-traditional approaches and technologies. Threat intelligence is a popular buzzword; we'll look at the value of that in how we can shift the advantage to the defenders, and how humans have now entered the targeting of attackers through Ransomware and other social-engineering oriented attacks. We'll offer some recommended next steps so that we can not only win the battle at hand, but be victorious in the long-run.