COFENSE Sponsor Talk: The Phishing Menace – The Human/Technology Hybrid Defense Paradigm presented at ISC2SecureSummit 2019

by Andy Spencer,

Summary : Phishing is a universal menace that doesn’t distinguish between victims. Petty cybercriminals to nation-state sponsored threat actors use phishing to reach their sinister goals. Even with record investments in cyber security, the number of high-profile, high-impact breaches attributed to phishing attacks continues to grow. It’s obvious that “next-gen” technology alone can’t solve the problem. Engaging the human–your last line of defense after a phish bypasses other technology–for better prevention and response has become a necessary paradigm. Threat actors continue to evolve and our defense to their advanced phishing tactics needs to mature accordingly. This presentation will review how the synergy between humans and technology can help organizations combat this burgeoning menace.