Strategic Storytelling: The Cybersecurity Gap presented at ISC2SecureSummit 2019

by Rebecca Harness,

Summary : Today, the industry struggles to articulate the most pressing risks facing a business, leading to every security control becoming a critical security control. The end result is an expensive, frustrating, and enigmatic cybersecurity program. This perception is compounded by “must-have” tools designed to solve every security problem, but little appreciation for the risk justifying the economics. That’s woefully inefficient. With a rapidly changing cyber risk landscape security fatigue sets in quickly. In order to win business support, we must demonstrate the relationship between risk, maturity, and business goals; Guiding the creation of a compelling, boardroom-ready security story consumable by all. In this session, we’ll help you move from tactical budgeting to communicating risk in a way that aligns with business goals, leading to greater organizational maturity and a strategic investment in cybersecurity.