Two Technologies: The Quantum and Blockchain Cyber Steam Trains - Swot Analysis presented at ICRMC 2019

by Josè M. Fernandez, Mike Cook, Laurence Cooke, Michele Verbeeten,

Summary : Quantum and Blockchain have gathered much attention in recent years due to their potential as intensely disruptive technologies. Unfortunately, what they really are and what their real impact could be is often misunderstood. The advent of scalable quantum computers will put at risk our current use of public-key cryptography to secure Internet communications and otherwise support our digital economy. This potentially devastating effect requires us to plan and put in place risk mitigation strategies for this so-called "post-quantum era". On the other hand, the use of blockchains has the potential to create distributed applications in the absence of a trusted third-party. This has vast-reaching implications in many sectors of our economy such as currency, banking, real-estate, supply chain, transport and even management. However, the use of distributed ledgers whose integrity is protected by blockchain technology can be inefficient, and in application domains where a trusted authority exists or is required it might not be an optimal solution to manage trust. So is blockchain the answer for managing trust in a post-quantum world? Well, it depends... This panel will address this and related questions, with the more general aim of demystifying Quantum and Blockchain, what they are, how they are related, and what it really means to all of us in the future.