AdTech 101: An Interactive Analysis of Online Advertising Tech & Privacy Policy presented at GlobalPrivacySummit 2019

by William Lee, Grant Nelson, Heather Egan Sussman,

Summary : The advertising technology ecosystem is notoriously complicated, but this workshop will demystify it. Industry insiders will cover how online advertising started, how it has evolved, and how it got to where it is today. Through hands-on activities, you will learn (in plain English) how the internet operates the economics of online advertising, and the decisions that created the current online advertising ecosystem, with all its variety. You’ll learn what SSP, DSP and RTB stand for, and understand the difference between third-party and first-party cookies. This workshop will be heavy on metaphors and examples, eschewing industry-specific jargon whenever possible. Firsthand stories and experiences from working with over 100 adtech companies will be integrated into the workshop along with peer-to-peer experience sharing and table-top exercises.What you’ll take away:Solid working mental model of the online advertising ecosystemStrong understanding of how the infrastructure of the internet works, including HTTP, server-to-client communication and cookiesAn understanding of how industry self-regulation evolved in light of the changing face of the online advertising ecosystem