Constructive Engagement vs. Enforcement: Initial DPA Experiences Under the GDPR presented at GlobalPrivacySummit 2019

by Simon Mcdougall, Sophie Nerbonne, Andrea Jelinek, Annamorgan ,

Summary : One year into the GDPR, EU DPAs will discuss their supervisory and enforcement experiences so far. What has been more important: constructive engagement with industry or enforcement? What types of consumer complaints are DPAs receiving and how are they addressing them? What have they learned and what are their priorities going forward? What are the areas companies might focus on to avoid enforcement attention in the EU? This discussion will be framed by CIPL’s recent white papers on incentivizing accountability and on a results-based approach to privacy enforcement, and will explore whether and how the recommended approaches to data protection regulation in these papers are relevant and useful to DPAs under the GDPR.What you’ll take away:An understanding of how DPAs view the relative utility of constructive engagement with industry vis a vis enforcementAn understanding of the GDPR enforcement priorities of EU DPAsIdeas of where to focus to avoid enforcement in the EU