APAC Privacy: Five Things You Should Know About Privacy’s Most Diverse Region presented at GlobalPrivacySummit 2019

by Tharishni Arumugam, Aon Anna Gamvros, Yi Lin Seng, Rachel Thompson, Noboru Yamaji,

Summary : As more and more organizations globalize and expand their operations to the East, the challenge in dealing with the growth of privacy and data protection laws in the Asia-Pacific region has been unprecedented. With the recent developments in India, the implementation of the Chinese cybersecurity law, the trends in mimicking GDPR standards and the growing move towards both global and regional mutual-recognition mechanisms, the region continues to be a fascinating study of the intricacies and different facets of privacy and data protection. This session is a primer for attendees interested in understanding the mechanics and recent developments in Asia-Pacific data privacy, and features a panel of global and APAC specialists, as well as a special presentation by the Japanese Personal information Protection Commission to close the session. What you’ll take away:An understanding of the major privacy laws and changes in AsiaPractical ways to navigate the diversity in Asia’s regulatory landscape, vis-à-vis requirements in different jurisdictions, especially in contrast with the GDPR”