Financial Forum 2.0: Bank CPOs Discuss Hot Topics in Financial Privacy presented at GlobalPrivacySummit 2019

by Christine Frye, Zoe Strickland, Kimberly Genobles, Ron Whitworth,

Summary : During last year's Summit, a group of major bank CPOs gathered to discuss challenges and threats in their space and compared notes on how they were tackling them. The highly interactive session prompted a series of follow-up discussions, including a number of audience members from peer banks and continuing at the IAPP’s Privacy. Security. Risk. 2018 conference in Austin. The discussion continues at the 2019 Summit, bringing in additional voices to talk through how companies are approaching challenges facing their organizations. This session will focus on developments in the financial privacy space and what is keeping CPOs up at night. There will be a discussion on how each bank structures and deploys its team, and what has driven changes in the size and scope of each team over the past 12 months. The CPOs will talk through how the CCPA and similar laws have impacted their organizations, and compare notes, war stories and tips for success.What you’ll take away:While financial institutions have been one of the most highly regulated industries over the years, the evolving privacy landscape is still having a significant impact on banks, requiring them to reevaluate the size, scope and positioning of their privacy programsThere has been a sea change in the way many financial institutions are viewing privacy, evolving from primarily a compliance endeavor to a competitive business differentiatorBank CPOs must reconsider how they spend their time and resources, emphasizing relationships with partners such as the data office and marketing as much as traditional partners like the CISO and legal