Successful Pro-Privacy Competitors to Collect-It-All Behemoths presented at GlobalPrivacySummit 2019

by Brendan Eich, Kim Hart, Gabriel Weinberg, Andy Yen,

Summary : The public has awoken to the high price—to individuals and society at large—of the collect-it-all business model. Companies no longer need to follow a surveillance model to succeed. In fact, businesses foregoing that model are increasingly competing with the massive, legacy consumer-tracking companies like Google. This breed of companies embodies the privacy-by-design model to such a degree they are better understood as “privacy by DNA” models. That evolution will continue and multiply with the new European and California data protection laws. How do they do it? Get the inside track and practical guidance from the CEOs of DuckDuckGo, Brave and ProtonMail. Hear their war stories on how they have succeeded despite the devious efforts of their popular-but-polarizing competitors to keep consumers from shielding themselves from commercial surveillance.What you’ll take away:Maximized data collection by consumer-facing businesses is not the only road to profitDuckDuckGo, Brave and ProtonMail are robust competitors to Google's search, browser and email services