Harnessing Privacy, Security and Transparency to Enable Data Innovation presented at GlobalPrivacySummit 2019

by Joann C. Stonier, Noriswadi Ismail, Dana Simberkoff,

Summary : Data is like water; it is rising all around us. It seems that the choppy seas of data protection are getting rougher for companies and consumers. So, is data truly the new currency—are some companies actually beginning to accept personal information in lieu of money? And if it is, shouldn’t we be treating it with the same level of care that we treat our cash? Whether your organization falls to one extreme or the other, it’s likely that you will face complex choices about how, and to what extent, to protect the personal information of your customers and employees. Privacy and security are neither free nor easy. Ultimately, privacy is about trust, and perception is reality, so it’s not only your chief marketing officer that needs to be thinking about building your company brand. Chief data officers, privacy officers and chief security officers need to be able to market their programs. People often think of brakes on cars as being designed to stop cars (or at least slow them down). It’s vital to convince your IT colleagues and business users to think of data controls in the same way: rather than stopping the business from doing its job, the proper controls will allow you to realize the full potential of the data you possess so you can achieve all the business objectives set forth by company executives. What you’ll take away:Best practices for implementing a comprehensive, evidence-based privacy and security program that provides specific, measurable outcomes to demonstrate complianceStrategies for mitigating the risk of data loss and privacy issues; maximizing the intrinsic value of your data in a privacy-protective way; and implementing systems that prevent us from drowning in data, allowing us to manage the appropriate flow and curation of information