Product Counseling: Privacy in the Product Development Process presented at GlobalPrivacySummit 2019

by Partner , Kenesa Ahmad, Hilary Lane, Andy Roth, Farah Zaman,

Summary : Previously a challenge reserved mainly for tech companies, privacy risks have now permeated into products across all industries as use of big data has become ubiquitous. Privacy professionals are now being asked to collaborate more closely with business and technical teams throughout the product development process. But how do you walk the line between effectively mitigating risk for your company while not stifling innovation? This session will provide practical guidance on how to successfully integrate yourself into the product development process at companies big and small, find creative ways to add value, and counsel teams on how to build privacy into products from step one.What you’ll take away:Learn how to build a technical fluency that will allow you to counsel on product developmentHear how privacy professionals at top companies are integrating themselves with technical and business teamsGet tips on handling hot button privacy issues while supporting your company’s bottom line