Transparency and Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence: The Road Ahead presented at GlobalPrivacySummit 2019

by Samm Sacks, Aline Darbellay, Rui Guo,

Summary : As artificial intelligence (AI)-based technologies are still in their nascent stages globally, there is very little guidance for companies to achieve compliance by way of following previous regulatory enforcement actions or existing laws. Instead, companies need to keep an ear to the ground with respect to emerging concerns, trends and best practices. Views from leading academics are therefore important to understand, as they are frequently acting as entrusted advisers for governments around the world to formulate future standards, policy guidance or legislation. This panel invites three leading academics who work closely with their respective governments on AI ethics issues to have an open conversation about transparency and the ethical use of AI technologies and how they think that companies can demonstrate effective self-regulation to regulators.What you’ll take away:What is the influence of ethics on stakeholder decision-making on AI related policies, standards and legislation in the U.S., Europe and China?How should we think about transparency in the context of ethical use of AI?Updates on China’s AI development strategy and its AI standardization framework, including standards related to the ethical use of AIWhat the industry should do to meaningfully contribute to the AI ethics discussion