PANEL 3: Incident Response - What to do Before, During and After a Breach presented at CyberSecuritySumitDallas 2019

by John Mcclurg, Paola Saibene, Charlie Bollom, Fred Wainwright,

Summary : A common phrase in information security is: “It is a matter of when you will be breached, not if.” As the headlines provide real-life examples from Marriot, to Equifax, to FedEx, this seems more true than ever before. But what should you do to prepare, respond and recover from it? What tools and tactics will make it easier to detect a breach (either as it happens or after the fact), what do you say to key stake holders about what is happening and how do you pivot from “How did this happen” to “How can we make sure it doesn’t happen again”. Few things in IT can be as high visibility and high stakes as a breach and this panel will equip the audience with what they need to know to better handle when a breach happens.