Incident Response and Forensics in Container Land presented at ISSA 2019

by Chenxi Wang, Andrea Hoy, Jessica Wilson, Katie Curran,

Summary : Join us as we have a conversation about digital forensics and incident response in container land! Our esteemed practitioners will be sharing their knowledge on the following:What are containers? ( or Why Dockers just aren’t shoes any more and What is “Kubernetes”?)Why does DevOps keep mentioning containers versus traditional VM (virtual machines)?Why worry about Digital Forensics & Incident Response for containers?How does your Incident Response process need to change?How can you proactively configure containers to compensate for their non-persistency?What type of conversations should you have with your DevOps, Sysadmin, and SOC about container security?What is the most important question I can ask, if I learn that I am already living with containers, but just was not informed!