Regulating the IoT. A Dream too far? presented at InfoSecurityEurope 2019

by Ken Munro,

Summary : In this presentation you’ll get a potted history of the shambles that is IoT security. You’ll gain an understanding of systemic security issues, and how and why they exist. We’ll show you the effects of poor security, not just the theory, so that you can put it in a real, human, context. We’ll share how and why we work with various government agencies around the world, to push for regulation and meaningful change. You’ll also get some eye-opening insights into the responsible disclosure process, from examples of some great vendors, to some absolute train wrecks.Learning Outcomes:Understand how a be a wiser IoT consumerComprehend the fundamental security challenges in the IoTHave insights into much of the unreported work that security researchers doHave a grasp of why regulation is so important a goalUnderstand the importance of responsible disclosure, and how it reinforces the need for government action