Strategic Autonomous Response: Learning from Patient Zero to Protect the Network at Large presented at InfoSecurityEurope 2019

by Dave Palmer,

Summary : With email still the most common vector of attack, it is time for a new approach to defending our digital businesses. AI cyber defences can now be deployed across your entire digital infrastructure. To detect and then contain threats wherever they occur, including cloud systems and malicious emails. Technological advances enable coordinated reactions across your systems which proactively protect from malicious activity wherever it occurs. Strategic autonomous response will empower organisations to stop attacks before they cause damage – without disruption to normal business operations.Learning Outcomes:To demonstrate how innovations now enable not only threat detection and response, but autonomous actions to pre-emptively and strategically protect the entire network infrastructure, including email and cloud systems.The talk will explain how AI can understand a ‘pattern of life’ across enterprise email systems and use this to identify anomalous and malicious communications. This can then be applied to autonomously contain threats in email. The talk will show that technology can now coordinate a response across network and email infrastructure to prevent phishing attacks which target a business. Stopping malicious emails before they reach inboxes. This talk proposes a new approach to securing digital infrastructure, focusing on how to protect the most common vectors of attack, and also preventing the lateral movement typical of today’s most sophisticated threats. When you leave this talk you will understand how AI can not only aid security teams in prioritising threat neutralisation but reduce workloads by containing high severity threats in the network and email. Ultimately, this talk will demonstrate the significance of AI-based defence solutions for the future of our digital systems.