Panel: Cyber Crime - How are AI/ML and disruptive technologies supporting sustainable, ethical and forward-thinking operations? presented at 3rdCISO360Congress 2019

by Mariana serras Pereira, Friedelien Brockerhoff, Tom Gamali, Abdul Latif Jameel, Ben Bulpett, Ben Jeffreys,

Summary : Practical applications, ethics and governance of advanced technologies incybersecurity today - a ‘live’ snapshot. • Defining the current state of ML andAI technologies and sharing current case studies in cybercrime prevention andinformation security management. • Ethical dimensions and practical challenges of developing and implementing ML/AI applications and other advancedtechnologies such as facial recognition.Which are the core ethical principlesand practical challenges for designing and implementing ML/AI applications?• Protecting businesses and organisations against harmful practices and cyberenabled crime - How can AI be used in order to understand human behaviourbetter at an organisational level and successfully predict mistakes anddeliberate insider compromises? • Adversarial ML intelligence – is this beingused currently to develop and challenge ML/AI systems in cybersecurityand how? • How do these technologies align with the potentially conflictinginterests and aims of law enforcement, businesses and governments and wheredo you see points of friction arising in future developments of security focusedML/AI?