Innovation Insights Quantum-a double-edged sword? How do we future Quantum-proof our current and future infrastructures? presented at 3rdCISO360Congress 2019

by Dr. Pfeiffer,

Summary : Quantum Computing is a double-edged sword, its usage for stronger encryptionversus its usage to break current encryption. How do we future Quantum-proofour current and future infrastructures? • Quantum cryptanalysis: How (in)secure are current cryptosystems when considering the emergenceof a powerful universal quantum computer? • What is the current status in theprocess of building such a universal quantum computer? • When should weworry about it? • How quantum physics may contribute to build quantum-safesolutions (quantum number generators, quantum key distribution, etc.) • Howthe crypto community (academia, corporations, administrations,standardization entities, etc.) is responding to the quantum-based cryptanalysisthreat? • What else is important: crypto-agility (it should be best practice)