Panel: How do we build a successful culture of security, privacy and trust? Navigating complex regulatory oversight to ensure ethics and compliance presented at 3rdCISO360Congress 2019

by Mark Felegyhazi, Matt Middleton-leal, Colette Hanley, James Gosnold, Martyn Booth, Rob Robinson, Lee Cartmell,

Summary : Privacy is becoming an ever-increasing concern in the world. Social Networks,GDPR and on the opposite end of the spectrum, China has implemented a SocialCredit System. What role does reputation play in our society? Where’s theboundary of security and privacy? • Business accountability for informationsecurity - embedded in GDPR so key to this new privacy regime • How to winhearts and minds - culture versus training • Measuring effectiveness - KPIs thatwork, KPIs that don’t work • Can regulatory frameworks alone build trustworthiness? • How do you build organisational accountability? • How canwe demonstrate trustworthiness? • Who do we trust today and why? Can trust beabsolute or does it depend on context? • Can you recover from a breach of trust/trust deficit? How? • How do organisations sabotage trust? How can we innovateyet maintain trust? • Does trust matter if people still buy our product?