Panel: ‘Them and Us’! Building resilience and governance across supply chains presented at 3rdCISO360Congress 2019

by Riccardo Bianchi, Aulo Glórias, Graeme Cantu-park, Adam Drabik, Amy Lemberger,

Summary : •Building governance and due diligence within the supply chain•Emerging approaches to outsourcing cyber risk •Assessing theappropriate levels of resilience •How do you effectively ‘manage’ fourthparties? •Where can vendors help to define standards which would besupported by regulators? •What tools are evolving to help measure vendor risk •What are the different approaches to assessing it? •Can AI increase third party risk? •How do you quantify vendor exposure other thanrunning individual scenarios? •How to evaluate country and economic riskfor offshore vendors •Working with third parties to ensure a truly resilientand secure supply chain network • How much of your data security is really under your control? • What is your risk management approach towardsyour suppliers? • How to secure your network and protect your sensitivedata? • Planning and crisis response for emerging risks • Cyber supplychain analytics - quantification of gaps, disruption, border friction