Panel: How do we build truly diverse, authentic and inclusive risk and security teams? presented at 3rdCISO360Congress 2019

by Irene Corpuz, Dr. Victoria Baines, Mark Snel, Lee Cartmell, Mark Ampleford,

Summary : We need to diversify the composition of our teams and therefore theway that we identify roles, amend the way we recruit to includedifferences of life experience, age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality,workability and neurodiversity, whilst recognising that all differencesshould be seen as positives, not negatives. If we have any chance of thinking like the criminals to build organisational resilience, we need todiversify our teams and therefore way we recruit and build our teams.• What can we do to encourage diversity and inclusion? Is positive discrimination leveling the playing field? • Is the alleged lack of cybersecurityskills a pipeline challenge or a bias challenge? • Are we committed toevolve rather than to stand still when we talk about diversity?• Authenticity - why covering remains a necessity • Thinking outside thebox - can your culture support this person to enable them to do theirbest? If everyone thinks the same, decision-making is faster and moreagile but is it right? •Check and balance - a diverse and inclusive culture •What are emerging key skills for a security professional, beyond theobvious? • Organisational security education and training