Addressing non-linear InfoSec career paths presented at BSidesLasVegas 2019

by Sarah Young,

Summary : Sarah has worked in tech for about a decade now, but she had a not-so standard start into the IT industry, and eventually found her way into security.Many professionals entering the information security work force start out by doing a computer science degree or diploma or some kind of tertiary qualification. Sarah is the proud owner of an Arts degree and only ever did a bit of IT on the side at school. Information Security needs people to perform all types of roles, not just penetration testers. We need educators, mentors, blue teamers, compliance teams, etc. etc.This talk will show no matter your background how this industry and changing and we need professionals from all areas etc etc. During this talk I will discuss my research into people who have worked in tech for a few years or a long time and who have non-linear paths into IT, and how their contribution is making a difference to the industry. My research shows statistically how diverse educational backgrounds is benefiting the industry, in terms of both technical capability and even culturally.