DEF CON 101 Panel presented at DefCon27 2019

by Tottenkoph , Highwiz , Shaggy , Nikita , Will , N00bz , Secbarbie ,

Summary : The DEF CON 101 Panel is the place to go to learn about the many facets of DEF CON and to begin your DEF CONian Adventure. The idea is to help attendees get the best experience out of DEF CON (and also tell them how to survive the weekend!). It is a way for people who have participated in making DEF CON what it is today to share those experiences and, hopefully, inspire attendees to expand their horizons. DEF CON offers so much more than just talks and the DEF CON 101 panel is the perfect place to learn about all things DEF CON so you, dear reader, can get the best experience possible. The panel will end with the time honored tradition of "Name the n00b" where lucky attendees will be brought up on stage to introduce themselves to you and earn the coveted 101 n00b handle. Don't worry if you don't make it on to the stage, you can stick around for the n00b party after the panel and get your handle then!