Supply Chain Integrity through Hardware Material Analysis presented at SupplyChainCybersecuritySummit 2019

by Mackenzie Morris,

Summary : Supply chain integrity is an exceptionally difficult problem to address when globalization has pushed manufacturing and shipping routes all around the world multiple times over. The ability to understand the life cycle of each component of a finished product has escaped the grasp of the consumer. The US Government already has recognized the dangers of securing its supply chain and put policies in place that prevent them from using hardware and software directly developed by countries on their sensitive country list; however, this is defeated by the difficulty of properly investigating third-party relationships within the direct vendor. Doing wholesale investigation further than one step down in the supply chain requires unilateral support from the vendor. Without vertical integration and accountability, it is challenging to determine the legitimacy of both hardware and software components. Security experts believe there is no easy solution that easily safeguards against these threats; however material analysis can be repurposed by various methods of X-ray imaging to remedy the worry of supply chain interdictions.