Data Laundering, Exploitation, and Extortion: Time for Ethical AI presented at SecureWorld 2019

by Craig Spiezle,

Summary : We are facing seismic change with the convergence of big data and AI. The oceans of information and computing power is providing endless opportunities while challenging the concept of digital dignity. Rather than look at regulatory frameworks, industry needs to be proactive and look at the ethical issues and their long-term impact to society. This session will review ethical frameworks including the need to respect human autonomy, prevent asymmetries of power and ability to undo unintended harm and address unintended biases. These technologies show great promise, but only if they are applied and used within societal values and norms and developed with an “ethical purpose.” They need to be grounded in and reflective of the ethical principles of beneficence (do good) and non-maleficence (do no harm).