[Kenna Security] Use the Data, Luke! Improving Security Outcomes with Intelligence, Automation, and Awareness of Risk presented at SecureWorld 2019

by Jonathan Cran ,

Summary : Security practitioners are forced to make millions of difficult decisions over their careers—fix this thing or that? Spend time analyzing this threat or another? Forced with an ever-evolving threat landscape, the only reasonable solution is to introduce high-quality intelligence and automation that guide decisions in our operations. But how can we do this cost-effectively and ahead of the threat, ensuring that we are covering the RIGHT problems? Join us for a deep dive into the state of the art in vulnerability management, security exposure, and threat intelligence—and ultimately, improved security operations.– Attendees will obtain an overview of current threats – and how they affect security teams– Attendees will receive information on tactics they can use to make better risk-based decisions– Attendees will receive details about open source tools to improve operations– Attendees will get an overview of state of the art decision systems based on machine learning and public datasets– Attendees will obtain an understanding of state of the art for risk based vuln management and security operations