Increasing Security: New Recruits presented at BSidesManchester 2019

by Rachael Stos-gale,

Summary : If you want to get your first job in cyber security, or you want to recruit good people for your entry-level security roles, I hope this talk will have something to offer you. I changed careers from a completely different sector, and I will explain what I did to get here, in study and social networking.Recruiting career-changers is an excellent opportunity to get someone with a diverse range of experience for a beginner’s salary. If you are usually hesitant about recruiting people from (far) outside the sector, I hope to shed light on why we might be some of the best recruitment ‘buys’.I have also been very happy in this position so far – I will explain exactly what my employers have done to help me settle in and what was important to me, coming in as an outsider. That said, it has also been hard! I hope to arm you with knowledge of what I found challenging so you can use it to anticipate your own needs in your new workplace, or those of your new intake.