Quantum Computers and Cryptography presented at BSidesManchester 2019

by Imran Shaheem,

Summary : Quantum Cryptography has come along a great deal since scientific and mathematical interest in the field took off in the 90s. It has several consequences for classical cryptography and what will be considered the standard for secure communication in the near future. Successful trials that secure communication through the unique properties of quantum physics have already been undertaken. Progress in quantum technologies has been swift in the last decade; Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) systems have been tested by banks and governments, similar systems were deployed at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. In 2017, researchers held a QKD-protected video conference between China and Austria using the quantum satellite Micius as a trusted relay, further strides and greater worldwide adoption is anticipated for the coming decade.In this presentation we will begin by taking a broad look at quantum information and the ramifications it has on classical (current) cryptography. After which we shall be taking a dive into the interesting and counter intuitive world of quantum physics with regards to cryptography.We will approach everything from an InfoSec perspective, discussing where testing methodologies will change, what remediation advice may be given to clients during the transitory period and how much of the theoretical possibilities achievable with quantum computers we are likely to see in practice in the near future.The presentation will involve some light mathematics, but it is a presentation aimed at cyber security professionals and not physicists or mathematicians. As such, the level of physics and mathematics in the discussion will be presented in terms consumable by the layman.