Right of Cyber Boom presented at DataConnectorsAtlanta 2019

by Ira Winkler,

Summary : Every time a cyberattacker tricks a user into clicking on a malicious link or downloading a malicious file, all the blame falls on the user’s shoulders. The experts insist the solution is more education and training to increase user’s awareness levels. This is like saying that if a canary dies in a coalmine, we need to make canaries healthier. With 90%+ of successful attacks supposedly the result of user action, we need to reconsider how we look at these attacks. Using counterterrorism and safety science strategies, we break attacks down into 3 phases: Left of Boom, Boom, and Right of Boom. We then focus on Right of Boom, and go into strategies to mitigate potential loss initiated by the user actions.The reality is that no matter how well prepared your users are, there will always be some action that initiates loss. Consider that even if users are 100% aware, there will always be a malicious user, where awareness helps their attacks. This presentation addresses the inevitable and lays out a multi-tiered strategy to proactively mitigate loss.