Shifting Landscape of Attack Vectors presented at SecureWorldNewYork 2019

by Michael Landewe, Denis Calderone, Ross Dyer, Marija Strazdas,

Summary : If one thing holds true in cybersecurity it is the fact that our adversaries are pretty smart. They are. To be fair, they only have to be right once in a while. These cyber thugs are constantly shifting their attack vectors to better infiltrate our networks. There are so many endpoints to cover that the “bad guys” can try something new all the time. They have also discovered that we do not have great cyber hygiene when it comes to training our workforce. End users continue to be the “weakest link” within an organization as we’ve learned from all the ransomware attacks and business email compromises of late. This panel will talk about the shift in attack vectors and make some predictions about what to watch out for in the not too distant future.