Keynote: The Past, Present, and Future of DNS Resolution presented at Elbsides 2019

by Paul A. Vixie,

Summary : The Domain Name System has been a critical enabler of Internet growth since its inception in 1987. In the decades since then, the DNS resolution process has evolved from the LAN to the WAN, and to Anycast; it now includes DNSSEC validation, Extended DNS (EDNS) Client Subnet, larger message sizes, and I18N. The resolution processs has also been abused for surveillance, advertising insertion, and exfiltration. Today the DNS resolution process is poorly understood, and yet under forced revision. The trend is for DNS to be carried inside HTTPS where it cannot be monitored or controlled except by servers and clients themselves, and the dangers this will yield must be studied and discussed while the future remains flexible. Dr. Vixie will describe the past and present of DNS, and discuss its likely near term future.