Examining Security Threat Avoidance Theories presented at TechnoSecurity&DigitalForensics 2019

by Barbara Hewitt,

Summary : Between October 2009 through the end of 2017, 164 million patient records were affected in 1,138 health data breaches. Most research indicates that users account for roughly 25 percent of breaches when employees erroneously mailed or emailed records to the wrong person, sent unencrypted data via email, took data home, or stored healthcare in a personal account or device. This session will discuss a research study whose purpose is to determine which constructs influence one’s intent to protect their personal computing device by testing the technology threat avoidancel theory, the protection motivation theory, and the fear appeals model to identify which best predicts one’s intention. This session will identify the one that best identifies one's intent so that organizations can strategize security training.