Building Your First Malware Analysis Lab presented at BSidesHarrisburg 2019

by Joel Prentice,


Summary : This talk will cover the basics of setting up a malware analysis lab using physical and virtual targets. Participants will learn how to configure their target machines in a way that will allow them to quickly return them to a clean and uninfected state. Participants will also learn why it is important to use both physical and virtual targets. Various honeypots and their functions will be covered. I will also discuss how through the use of honeypots you can find the directive of malicious software. I will conclude by discussing the importance of staying anonymous when researching malware. I will cover what services and protocols will keep you anonymous so that malicious authors are not able to track and focus attacks on you or your business. The goal of this talk will be to give individuals enough knowledge to begin building a beginner’s level malware analysis laboratory.