Hacking Yourself First, Penetration Testing for the Blue Teams: Part 2 presented at BSidesHarrisburg 2019

by Brandon Keath,

Summary : In this fast-paced interactive presentation/workshop Brandon will reveal everything a defender might want to know about Penetration Testing and then some. This presentation will start with an introduction to what really is a hacker? What is a penetration test? Why is it important for Blue Team members to understand these skillsets? What is a hacking methodology and why is it important? Then we will dive into various technical demo’s involving various tools including Metasploit, Burp Suite, Bloodhound, CrackMapExec, HashCat, and more! Participants will be able to follow along with many of the demos via your own virtual machines. We will conclude with additional attack vectors, and how blue teamers can use this knowledge to make their organization safer by hacking yourself first.