Adventures with Podman and Varlink presented at SecureIowaConference 2019

by Jeremy Brown,

Summary : With the 'rise of containers' comes also the rise of container platforms. And while Docker is the way to do things for now, Podman has also been gaining traction as the new kid on the block especially after being somewhat embraced by RedHat and Fedora. Being new also comes with lack of heavy scrutiny and audit on the security side of things. Once you start integrating other protocols and pieces that compliment each other, such as Varlink, boundaries become fuzzy. Rather than focus on container breakouts, which are also very important, we'll focus on how Podman and Varlink interoperate and the authentication and security implications as such. We'll look at the remote API capabilities, secure configurations and how certain setups and projects out there by default can be vulnerable to compromise. By the end of the talk, we will have discussed various bugs, issues and hardening techniques around deploying Podman and Varlink together and if you don't know a lot about containers, you'll learn a bit along the way.