A Breach of Data or Breach of Trust: Communicating with Consumers during Cyberattacks presented at SecureIowaConference 2019

by Eileen Wixted,

Summary : As companies collect more information on customers, the risks associated with potential data exposure grow exponentially. Years ago, a data breach may only have revealed financial information. Today, breaches can arm criminals with a digital replication of your customers. For companies of any size, it is more important than ever to have a communication plan and strategy in place to address a breach. Customers understand that breaches may happen. However, they are much less tolerant of organizations that cannot communicate effectively and accurately about them. With a preemptive communication strategy, companies can quickly share information about a data breach with their key stakeholders and the media, reassuring consumers about the organizations commitment to protecting their privacy. This interactive session will include lecture, discussion and case studies to teach participants how to manage your company’s reputation during a data breach, while effectively