Identity Defined Security: Zero Trust on the Endpoint presented at SecureIowaConference 2019

by Dan Graney,

Summary : Bringing Zero Trust to the EndpointEndpoint security products secure and collect data on the activity that occurs on endpoints, much like network security products do the same for networks. Protecting our identities on disparate endpoints has become infinitely more critical than network security. Is Identity the new perimeter? What are you doing to secure your endpoints and the identities that are being used? To effectively combat advanced threats, we need to extend beyond the perimeter. An integrated platform approach that combines endpoint protection, prevention, detection, response, vulnerability management, etc. is the only way to achieve holistic protection and implement the Zero Trust model across your disparate, cloud and on premise security architectures. This approach must be part of everything we do so that prevention occurs wherever endpoints are, and everywhere our business users connect from.