[Radware] Cybersecurity Pushed to the Limit presented at SecureWorldTwinCities 2019

by Frank Leyva,

Summary : Throughout 2018 mainstream headlines highlighted cyber-attacks and security threats that included possible interference in the U.S. presidential election, worldwide malware outbreaks and the Equifax data breach. These and other high-profile events spurred greater cyber-defense investment by everyone from nation states and global corporations to individuals purchasing anti-malware solutions for personal devices. Yet even as investments increase so do threats, hacks and vulnerabilities. This session will help you understand these complex and challenging dynamics. Based on findings from Radware’s research and a global industry survey, the session will show real attack data and customer stories to paint a picture of where we are and what security professionals can do.Join the session to learn more about:• The threat landscape deep dive—the who, what and why of attacks• Potential impact on your business, including associated costs of different cyber-attacks• Critical attacks in the midst: DNS, IoT and risks lurking in the cloud• Emerging threats and how to protect against them• A look ahead – predictions and what to prepare for