Open Source Security on a Shoestring presented at OWASPBASC 2019

by Paulina Valdivieso,

Summary : Securing assets is a difficult job without the appropriate support, be it from your superiors or having access to resources: getting what you need can be challenging, but that is no excuse to not securing it. In small and medium companies where technology departments are service oriented, security is often overlooked in favor of ease of access, forcing IT to compromise on solutions and, potentially, leave the organization vulnerable.This talk will explore the open source and open access tools available to the public, their pros and cons, the elements to consider when implementing and the hurdles along the way, covering basic aspects of security in a company: incident response, application security, network security, training, risk & compliance, among others. Analysts, engineers and technicians whose many hats may result in security holes benefit from the implementation of these tools… and managers from knowing alternatives to the increasingly costly solutions in the market.