Past the Perimeter: Earned Access Through A Zero-Trust Model presented at FutureConOrangeCounty 2019

by Zoe Dong,

Summary : In this talk you will learn:* Why the traditional perimeter-focused security model won’t meet the needs of most modern organizations* How a zero-trust security model can overcome these challenges* How you can incorporate this approach into your existing architecture without starting from scratchUsers whose digital lives are increasingly mobile don’t want to be tied to their desks, and an effective security strategy must be flexible enough to protect access from boardrooms and bars, cubicles and coffee shops alike. To do this, companies must ensure that users and their devices meet the same security controls, whether they’re outside or inside the network perimeterDuo adopted the “zero-trust network” philosophy to solve this challenge. All networks and devices are treated as untrusted until proven otherwise, and their health is checked each time a user connects to a protected resource. This approach depends on visibility into whether basic device and network security standards are met. It also requires the ability to enforce granular policy controls based on the results of that health check.The perimeter is disappearing, and it’s not coming back… find out how you can get a head start on what’s next.